Word from the Pastor

Message from the Pastor Msgr. Kenneth Schwanger

My Dear Family of Our Lady of Lourdes,

What wonderful days of celebration these have been! I want to thank everyone who worked so hard during the Festival to help us honor Our Lady and celebrate the gift that is our parish family. To see us all together serving each other and enjoying each other's company, being family, is very moving.

We get to see the hard work and good spirit of those who are serving on the Food Court but there is also a great multitude that we don't see. Our set up and break down teams and our parking team do much of their work unseen and are wonderfully generous men and women who make an enormous difference. Congratulations and thanks to them as well!

The Healing Mass and Candlelight Rosary Procession highlight our celebration of the Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes. We can feel Our Lord's Spirit present and active, healing His people in body and in spirit. And this weekend we have the Geste de l'Eau. We, like Bernadette, are able to wash and drink of the water of Lourdes. It, too, is an intimate and powerful encounter with the healing power of God's love.

And there is more! This year, we are blessed to welcome the Rector of the Sanctuary of Lourdes, Fr. Michel Daubanes, to Miami.

Bishop Delgado will celebrate a Mass of welcome for him on Sunday, March 3rd, at 1:30pm.

Following the Mass, we will have a Candlelight Rosary Procession so that he can experience the Grace of Lourdes as we live it here in Miami. Let us all turn out to welcome him with the same joyful love we receive when we arrive in Lourdes!

Msgr. Schwanger

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