Liturgy and Sacrament

Altar Servers


Altar Servers

(305) 987-2552

Altar Serving provides boys and girls, the opportunity to serve at God’s altar on Saturdays, Sundays, Holy days, and for special liturgical events. The requirements to join the ministry are to be at least in the 4th Grade or 10 years of age, must have received First Holy Communion, registered at our Parish, and be willing to serve God.

Deaf Ministry


Fanny Valencia

  • We have interpreters at the 10:15am Mass on Sundays
Eucharistic Minister of Holy Communion


Dcn. Jorge Matamala

(305) 386-4121 ext. 103

An Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion (EMHC) is entrusted to assist in the distribution of the most holy Body and Blood of our Lord. As an EMHC, you will take Holy Communion to the sick and the home bound at the hospital or in their homes and assist during Mass. By accepting this responsibility, you are committing to transformational service that puts love into action. Parishioners called to serve in this ministry must receive approval from our Pastor. After approval, EMHCs must complete a training given by the Archdiocese of Miami plus a class in our Parish detailing the procedures we follow. All ministers need to purchase a medallion, a set of ribbons and book.

French Ministry


Katia Gauchier-Chalmers

(786) 309-7514

  • TBA

We are dedicated to serve, unite, love and grow the Catholic Faith of the French/Haitian community through prayers, education, compassion and communications while we continue to support and uphold the overall Mission and values of the Church.



Jose Zabalo

(786) 252-0963

The Hospitality Ministers/Ushers assist during the Holy Mass by orderly and efficiently accommodating all participating with the celebration of the Mass. Ushers welcome the parishioners as they come into the Church, they find seats, accommodate the disabled and bring the Extraordinary Minister of the Holy Communion to those who are not able to go to the altar, and much more. This service is an ideal way to demonstrate your commitment “to love and serve the Lord”. All are welcome to serve - young and old, male and female, married and singles.

Latin Mass Group


  • First Thursdays of the month – Room 112

To please, praise and honor God through the celebration of the Most Holy of the Liturgies; the tradition of Latin Mass.



Juan Carlos Bertrand

A lector proclaims the readings during the Holy Mass. Becoming a lector is a serious decision and commitment to your faith and parish since you are sharing your time and energy to the service of the Church. There are several steps to complete before becoming a lector and must have prior approval of our Pastor.

Master of Ceremony Ministry


The Master of Ceremony Ministry provides the Masters of Ceremony with the distinct opportunity to serve in the Liturgy just like Peter and John were sent to prepare the Upper Room so Our Lord Jesus could celebrate the Last Supper. He prepares and directs the celebration in cooperation with the celebrant and coordinates all the other ministries who assist at the mass. The Master of Ceremony ensures that the mass is carried out with grace, simplicity, and order.

Music Ministry


Dr. Lori Werner
Music Director

We in the Music Ministry are blessed twice. Through the act of giving of our time and talent to provide music for the Lord, we are given the opportunity to enrich our own spiritual lives, as well as the spiritual lives of those in the parish community.

The Music Ministry plays a vital role in the life of the parish. We are primarily responsible for all of the music at the weekend Masses and other special liturgies.

English Adult Choir

The Adult Choir currently sings for the 10:15am Mass each Sunday, and performs in special events such as our Christmas Concert, a special Lenten services, and sings in different venues in our community such as Heartland and St. Anne’s Nursing Homes. We are also in need of voices to sing for the Sunday 11:45am Mass.

Children’s Choir (Ages 6-14)

The parish children’s choir meets seasonally and sings for our parish Christmas Concert, Christmas Eve Mass, and for Lent and Easter.

Youth Choir

We meet Sundays at 4:00pm Mass. The Sunday 5:00pm Mass features more contemporary music and a vibrant youth choir.

Vocalists and instrumentalists are always needed.

Instrumentalists are NEEDED AT ALL of our English Masses / Se necesitan instrumentalistas en todas las Misas en ingles: SATURDAY/SABADOS 5:00PM, SUNDAY/DOMINGOS 7:15AM, 10:15AM, 11:45AM, 5:00PM



Alicia Santos


Any public event or celebration requires much behindthe- scenes activity. If the event is to have dignity and meaning there must be care and preparation. The parish liturgy is the public event forming the very heart of the whole parish life. Everything that we do and are as a parish leads to and flows from the liturgical celebrations in the parish church. The liturgy proclaims what we are as a parish and at the same time provides the foundation and the impetus for our working together and growing as a community of worship, or witness and of service. Because of its crucial role in parish life, the liturgy is a public celebration requiring considerable behind-thescenes preparation if it is to fulfill its function.

That is where the Sacristans come in.

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