Grotto Plaza

The Rosary Candlelight Procession of February 11, 2021 took my breath away. There were so many people and with candlelight filling both sides of the school track as we moved along it carried me away to the Sanctuary itself. When we finally arrived at the Grotto, I was reminded that already last year we had recognized the need to expand the plaza for the sake of those in wheelchairs. It is time to make that happen.

Remember that we did a survey at that time about the use of memorial bricks for the plaza. The consensus is that we will keep what is now the plaza free of memorialization but that we will accept memorializations for the bricks in what will be the newly expanded part of the plaza.

The current plan is to use regular 4" x 8" bricks and allow for a three-line memorialization of 18 characters per line.

Msgr. Schwanger

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