Bereavement and Compassion

Our Lady on her mission of healing is extending her arms to us to carry us to her son Jesus and accompany us through this journey of grief.

The members of Our Lady of Lourdes Bereavement and Compassion ministry are ready to continue Our Lady’s mission by accompanying the mourning families through the grieving process, offering support, prayers, and guidance as families plan the funeral liturgy and other funeral arrangements; offering after the funeral, support, and prayers through their healing process, to the family and friends of the deceased, and attending ongoing formation to support this ministry.

If you are called to say “YES” like Our Lady, professional training is available for all those who are willing to accompany those families who have lost their loved ones, for we are never alone.

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‟Blessed are those who mourn for they shall be comforted”
(Matt 5:4)

Famille Notre Dame de Lourdes


Robert Villasmil

(305) 219-1363

Our goal is to honor the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary, by renewing faith in the forgiveness of sins. We recognize that grace precedes and is waiting for us. It is always available in the heart of Mary, “younger” than sin.

We pray and do penance for sinners, we encourage the birth of small churches or chapels, that manifest the joy of living together as brothers and sisters, and to collaborate on the journey of the people of God to the Holy City where God will be all in all.

Hospitalité de Miami


Debra Bartkowski

(305) 386-4121 ext. 242

The Hospitalité Notre Dame de Lourdes is the confraternity that organizes and assists pilgrim groups from around the world, especially those who seek to make it possible for the sick and suffering to come to Lourdes for healing.

The members of the Hospitalité Notre Dame de Lourdes are the ones who welcome special needs pilgrims at the airport and train station and bring them to the Sanctuary, they serve at the Piscines where pilgrims go into the water, and they serve at the Grotto and during the Masses and processions of the Sanctuary. It is also in charge of the four-year training that we go through at the Sanctuary and when we make our lifelong commitment to serve at Lourdes we each become active members of the Hospitalité Notre Dame de Lourdes.

Neurotics Anonymous


Mario Arevalo

(305) 790-1235

  • Mondays, Tuesday & Thursdays | 8:00pm-10:00pm - Room 111

Neurotics Anonymous is an association formed by men and women that share among them their experiences, strengths and hopes to rehabilitate them emotionally and spiritually.If you suffer from anxiety, you feel lonely, if you easily get upset, get depression without a reason, suspicious, nervous, jealous, compulsive, your ways hurt your family members, and you feel your live has no meaning…

Neurotics Anonymous can help you!

Pilgrim Mary


Madelin Triana

(786) 327-7463

By helping our Lady of Lourdes pilgrim to many homes, we are also spreading the prayer of the Holy Rosary in the families and the devotion to Our Lady, who always takes us to her son, the center of our faith: Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Respect Life


Patricia Perez

(305) 491-5495

  • 1st Tuesday of every month - Room 120

Respect Life exists to uphold the sanctity of each human life from conception to natural death. We are a ministry of the Archdioceses of Miami, faithful to the Holy Father and the Magisterial of the Catholic Church working in union with the Respect Life Pregnancy Help Center.

We are committed to respond to all issues with respect to the dignity of each person seeking to support our brothers and sisters who are most defenseless and most vulnerable: the unborn, the elderly, the incurable ill, the marginalized, the children and the youth. Promote prolife changes in our society and laws. Give voice to the unborn. Communicate God’s compassion and forgiveness to post-abortion women. Give dignity and regard to the life of the elderly and sick.

San Martin de Porres


Rosa Springer

(786) 495-9846

The mission of the St. Martin de Porres Ministry is to promote the faith in our Lord through the act of delivering joy and happiness to the sick and elderly in nursing homes in which the majority of residents have been abandoned by their family and/or friends. We make the visit once a year and only have meetings in the weeks leading up to the date, preparing everything we will be using as instruments of love. The visit begins with a live concert in different languages and genres.

Feast Day: November 3rd.

Separated and Divorce


Liliana Maldonado

(305) 984-5315

  • Wednesdays, 8:00pm - Room 122

The Separated and Ministry is an open ministry that strives to provide an atmosphere of Christian understanding while helping parents and children heal from the devastation and deal with the challenges of divorce or separation.

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