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Christ has no body but yours, no hands, no feet on earth but yours...

Yours are the eyes with which he looks compassion on this world, your feet with which he walks to do good, yours are the hands with which he blesses all the world.

This weekend is Commitment Weekend for the ABCD. Every member of our parish is called upon to be the eyes, hands and feet of Jesus We can all make a difference, and it starts at home. The Archdiocese of Miami, from Broward to Monroe, is our faith community, home to more than a million brothers and sisters in Christ. We witness the real hands and feet of Jesus in the work of the Archdiocese of Miami above and beyond the good work in our parishes. It is evident in our efforts to preserve the dignity of all human life, and in our commitment to the poor, homeless, needy, elderly and sick. It lives in the hearts and minds of the children in our schools and religious education programs, as well as those serving in our life-changing ministries and programs. It is also witnessed in you when you support the ABCD by making it all possible.

Let us unite to share the love of Christ and bring hope to people in need by making a gift to the ABCD today. We need you!


Please make a gift now! | www.isupportabcd.org


Cristo no tiene más cuerpo que el tuyo, ni manos, ni pies en la tierra, sino los tuyos...

Tuyos son los ojos con los que mira compasión en este mundo, tus pies con los que camina para hacer el bien, tuy as son las manos con las que bendice a todo el mundo.

Este fin de semana es el fin de semana de compromiso para la ABCD. Cada miembro de nuestra parroquia está llamado a ser los ojos, las manos y los pies de Jesús Todos podemos hacer una diferencia, y comienza en casa. La Arquidiócesis de Miami, de Broward a Monroe, es nuestra comunidad de fe, hogar de más de un millón de hermanos y hermanas en Cristo. Somos testigos de las verdaderas manos y pies de Jesús en la obra de la Arquidiócesis de Miami más allá del buen trabajo en nuestras parroquias. Es evidente en nuestros esfuerzos por preservar la dignidad de toda vida humana, y en nuestro compromiso con los pobres, los sin techo, los necesitados, los ancianos y los enfermos. Vive en el corazón y la mente de los niños en nuestras escuelas y programas de educación religiosa, así como aquellos que sirven en nuestros ministerios y programas que cambian la vida. También se ve en usted cuando apoya el ABCD haciendo todo posible.

Unámonos para compartir el amor de Cristo y llevar esperanza a las personas n ecesitadas haciendo un regalo a la ABCD hoy. ¡Te necesitamos!

¡Haz un regalo ahora! | www.isupportabcd.org


¡El Consejo de Mujeres Católicas organizará nuevamente el Bazar de Artes y Oficios en nuestro Festival!

Si están interesados en participar o para mas informacion por favor contactar a Lourdes Armas al siguiente correo electrónico: lourdesarmas@bellsouth.net

We need wheelchairs in good conditions with footstep. We specially need extra large wheelchairs.


Necesitamos sillas de ruedas en buenas condiciones con apoyo para los pies, especialmente sillas extragrandes.

Holy Rosary begins at 7:30pm and Holy Mass begins at 8:00pm

  • January 24th - St. Thomas the Apostle
    7377 SW 64th St, Miami, Fl, 33143
  • January 31st - Blessed Trinity
    4020 Curtiss Pkwy, Miami, Fl, 33166

As you may already know, the festival consists of four days of family fun and activities with rides, games, and delicious home cooked meals for everyone to enjoy. Our event attracts not only our own parishioners but also those of neighboring churches; approximately 37,000 people during the four days of the festival.

The benefits for your participation as a Corporate Sponsor will be publicity and name recognition during the event as well as on the website of the parish. In the past twelve months, our website has been visited by nearly 50,000 unique visitors. Finally, know that your support is important to the success of Our Lady of Lourdes Parish and its mission.

Contact info:
Debra Bartkowski - debra_bartkowski@hotmail.com

Click to download sponsor form


Como tal vez ya sabe, el festival consiste en cuatro días de diversión de familia y actividades con juegos y deliciosa comida hecha en casa para todos disfrutar. Nuestro evento atrae no solamente a nuestros propios parroquianos, pero también aquellos de parroquias vecinas; aproximadamente 37,000 personas durante los cuatro días del festival.

Los beneficios por su participación como un Patrocinador Corporativo sería publicidad y reconocimiento de su nombre durante el evento, así como también en la página web de la parroquia. En los últimos doce meses, nuestra página web ha sido visitada por alrededor de 50,000 visitantes únicos. Finalmente, sepa que su apoyo es importante para el éxito de la Parroquia de Nuestra Señora de Lourdes y su misión.

Datos de contacto:
Debra Bartkowski - debra_bartkowski@hotmail.com

Haga clic para descargar el formulario del patrocinador

Wednesday February 12th - Meeting Room #118 - 8:15pm

Information You Should Have Ready:

  • Every Place you've lived in the last 5 years
  • Every Place you've worked and/or attended school in the last 5 years
  • A list of all the trips you've taken outside of the U.S. in the last 5 years
  • Information about your parents, if they are U.S. Citizens
  • Information about your spouse, if you are married
  • If you are or have been previously married, you will need certified copies of your marriage records
  • Information about your children, if any

For more information please contact:
Francis Tume
| justice@ololourdes.org
14000 SW 112th St - Miami, FL 33186 (School Cafeteria)


Miercoles Febrero 12 - Salon #118 - 8:15pm

Información que debe tener lista:

  • Cada lugar donde has vivido en los últimos 5 años.
  • Todos los lugares en los que trabajó y / o asistió a la escuela en los últimos 5 años.
  • Una lista de todos los viajes que ha realizado fuera de los EE. UU. En los últimos 5 años.
  • Información sobre sus padres, si son ciudadanos estadounidenses.
  • Información sobre su cónyuge, si está casado.
  • Si está o ha estado casado anteriormente, necesitará copias certificadas de sus registros de matrimonio.
  • Información sobre sus hijos, si hay

Para mas informacion por favor contactar:
Francis Tume
| justice@ololourdes.org
14000 SW 112th St - Miami, FL 33186 (Cafeteria de la Escuela)

"Our job is to prepare your children for heaven. If they make it to Harvard, that's a bonus."
Mr. Thomas Halfaker, Principal

Our mission at Our Lady of Lourdes is to promote excellence in spiritual, academic, social and physical growth.

We invite you to visit our beautiful campus and find out what makes Our Lady of Lourdes Parish School the right choice for your child.

Tour our 15 acres of land offering state of the art facilities/technology and learn about our superior athletic and extracurricular program offering 23 competitive sports teams and 19 extracurricular activities.

Private tours are offered on Tuesday and Thursday mornings and take approximately 30 minutes.

Operated by The Archdiocese of Miami
Accredited by The National Council for Private School Association and Florida Catholic Conference
Member of National Catholic Educational Association and All Catholic Conference Athletic League

Registration for School Tours is required.

Schedule your private tour today

January 28-29, 2020 | Tallahassee, Florida

  • Public Policy Briefing
  • Legislator Meetings
  • Legislative Breakfast
  • Group Photo with Bishop
  • Annual Red Mass of the Holy Spirit

Dear Brothers,

Following some notices from members of the faithful that these “Catholic Priests” may be going around people’s home and after inquiry in regard to their person, I wish to notify you that a “Father Thomas Smith”, a “Father Simon” and/or a “Father Thomas Matthews” from India, are not authorized by Archbishop Wenski or his delegate to serve in any capacity the Roman Catholic faithful in the Archdiocese of Miami.

Therefore, please alert your parishioners that these priests should not be entering their homes nor be called upon by the faithful to perform any priestly ministry in the Archdiocese of Miami. Should they use their services, they do so with full knowledge of their status with the Archdiocese of Miami which is not responsible for their actions or negligence.