Sacrament of Matrimony

Your wedding is an important sacramental event, and the music that you choose should reflect both the joy and the solemnity of this moment in your lives. The Music Ministry of Our Lady of Lourdes is committed to working with you in choosing the most appropriate and meaningful music for your ceremony.

All arrangements for music at your wedding must be made through the Music Department. It is advised that you contact the Music Director five to six months in advance of your wedding in order to assure that all aspects of your ceremony are attended to. At that time, the Director will consult with you and make an appointment, if needed.

Following are some of the important aspects to making the music for your wedding the best possible:


Unless unavailable on the date of your wedding, our Organist will play the organ for your ceremony. In the event the Organist is unavailable on the date of your wedding, she will arrange for another organist, approved by the Music Department of Our Lady of Lourdes, to play at your weddings.


Our Lady of Lourdes strongly encourages the use of one or more singers for the ceremony. The Music Department can provide anywhere from one soloist to an ensemble of singers for your ceremony. All arrangements for vocalists must be made through the Music Department. Please do not make outside arrangements for singers. The Music Department keeps lists of singers who have been approved by the Pastor and the Music Department.


Other instrumentation, in addition to the organ, is a wonderful way to add festivity and dignity to your ceremony. The Music Department can contract anywhere from one player to an ensemble for your wedding. If you wish to have orchestral music at your wedding, please make sure to contact the Music Department at least four to fi ve months in advance of the ceremony.

Music Fee

The fee for the basic wedding music package, which includes the organist and vocalist, is $350.00 payable at the time of the consultation. However, should you wish singers or instrumentalists, as outlined above, or extra rehearsals, the music fee will change accordingly.

Musical Selections

You should consider having music at the following points in the ceremony:

  • The Prelude
  • Procession of the Bridal Party
  • Procession of the Bride
  • The Liturgy of the Word (Psalm and Alleluia)
  • Preparation of the Gifts
  • Communion
  • Recessional


All music should be appropriate to the solemn and dignifi ed nature of the ceremony. Pop and secular music are not permitted during the Celebration of the Holy Eucharist.