Ministry of Christian Formation


The Office of Christian Formation at Our Lady of Lourdes helps prepare children for life as Disciples of Christ in the modern world. This includes teaching them the basics of the faith, helping them develop Habits of Discipleship and preparing them to celebrate the sacraments that are appropriate for children.

About Registering for Christian Formation (First Year Children Only)

Families of children participating in Christian Formation must be registered members of Our Lady of Lourdes parish. If you have not yet registered with us, please complete your parish registration as soon as possible. Parish Registration packets are available in the parish office.

Christian Formation Registration Step One:

Please complete the "Pre-registration Form" (see the web site list of documents and schedules) that we use to establish our initial contact information with you, pre-register your child for a class slot, plan for class size, order textbooks, and plan for your needs for the coming year. Please turn this form in to us as soon as possible, even before you have completed the other information we are requesting below.

Please drop off this completed Pre-Registration form at the parish office any time the office is open - or - you can mail these forms to us.

Mail to: Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church
Christian Formation
11291 SW 142 Ave
Miami, Florida 33186
Attention: Carmen Valencia

Christian Formation Registration Step Two:

Please complete the Christian Formation Student Registration Form (available in the page "Schedules, Forms & Documents") and return it to the parish office with the appropriate certificates noted below. This form and the certificates are required to complete the registration of your child for Christian Formation sessions. Step Two of this registration procedure must be completed before final class assignments can be made.

As part of Step Two, we need a copy of your child's birth certificate and a copy of your child's Baptism Certificate, First Communion Certificate, Confirmation Certificate, as appropriate. Please bring the original certificates if possible and we will make a copy for our files and return the original to you.

If applicable; we will also need a notarized Letter of Permission from a non-Catholic parent or a non-custodial parent.

Should the parent registering the child have sole custody of him/her, a copy of the Divorce Decree and/or Separation Agreement is required to prove sole legal custody of child.

About Books and Costs

Although Our Lady of Lourdes does not require a registration fee for Christian Formation, there are several costs to be considered.

Each child is required to have the appropriate text book and children in grade 7 and higher are required to have a bible. These books will be available in the parish Holy Boutique store at reasonable cost in late August. Please do not purchase these books on the internet since the version of these books does not always match the version we are using.

Parents of children in grades 1 through 6 may purchase a bi-lingual version of the Be My Disciples text books that we use. Since all of the material in these bi-lingual books is printed in both English and Spanish, the bi-lingual books are considerably heavier than the English-only edition. Parents are welcome to purchase either version of the appropriate text book. The Be My Disciples text books are grade specific and must be purchased each year.

Please note, Spanish language materials for grade 7 and up are not available for us this year.

The children in seventh grade and up need to have the Third Edition of The Catholic Faith Handbook for Youth and the Catholic Teen Bible. We use these books for two years. Please note, the Catholic Faith Handbook is modeled after the Catechism of the Catholic Church and deals with specific issues of Catholic moral teaching.

About Prayer and Parish Life

All people are called to be persons of prayer. The basic prayers of the Church (The Sign of the Cross, the Our Father, the Hail Mary, the Glory be to the Father) need to be memorized by the children - in either English or Spanish, or both) as part of their preparation for participating in Christian Formation activities and other activities of the Church. Learning these prayers must take place at home. Parents must be the first and best teachers of their children

Weekly participation at Sunday Mass is an essential part of our Catholic Life in Christ - it must be "habit forming." Regular participation at Mass is expected of all children participating in our formation programs. This Habit of Discipleship can only be formed by actually being at Mass each and every week.

The parish life of Our Lady of Lourdes is centered around The Four Pillars of Our Parish.

These are:

  • Consecration to Jesus through Mary,
  • A Holy Hour of Adoration each week,
  • Active participation in at least one Ministry Group, and
  • Active Stewardship.

These pillars enrich our lives as a parish and help provide focus for our Life in Christ. It is important for our children to actively participate in our parish life as far as their state in life permits.

About Generous Giving to Others

Each year, Our Lady of Lourdes parish participates in a "fight against global hunger" through the Catholic Relief Services Helping Hands program. All children in Christian Formation are expected to participate in this corporal work of mercy. We will provide more information about this at the appropriate time. Parents and other family members are also invited to participate. Please note that there will be a $15.00 per person registration fee for this event. In 2018, 60,000 meals were prepared at Our Lady of Lourdes as part of this program to help feed the hungry of the world.

Children in Christian Formation are also expected to participate in our Thanksgiving Food Drive and our Christmas Toy Drive. These small efforts are intended to help the children appreciate the call to share generously the gifts and resources of our world.

About Classes and Schedules

Except as noted below, all class sessions for children are conducted in English. Sessions begin at 6:30 PM amd dismiss at 7:45 PM. Specific schedules are published on the parish web site. Formation services are available for all grades (1 through 12) and for all situations involving the sacramants. Please check the web site regurlarly to be sure you have a current schedule.

There are several activities throughout the year that require at least one parent to be present. Please watch the schedules for these parental activities.

We are opening a limited number of class sessions on Wednesdays for students who may need to have a bi-lingual catechist and participate in a class with other students who need Spanish language instruction. This service is available only for the first year as most children become competant in English within a year. Please make sure we are aware of this need so we can schedule your child appropriately.