First Communion

Required at the Time of Registration

  • Students should provide evidence of prior preparation leading to a command of the information provided in the First Year of Preparation;
  • Parent(s) must be active member(s) of the parish using offertory envelopes or participating in online giving through the parish’s Faith Direct Program. (Our Lady of Lourdes requires that parish records reflect that the family has attended Sunday Mass at Our Lady of Lourdes Church at least 30 Sundays for the year prior to receiving First Communion);
  • Review, and update if necessary, the Registration Form;
  • If a change occurred in the past year within the family, such as divorce, separation and/or custody of child, and the parent re-registering the child has sole custody, he/she must provide a copy of their Divorce Decree or/and Separation Agreement showing sole legal custody. Or, if joint custody has been awarded, a notarized Letter of Permission from the non-custodial parent is required.