Ministry of Christian Formation

Lifelong Formation (Children)

We continue to grow in the faith and to learn about our faith through continuous learning.

Continuing Christian Formation (CCF) courses are especially for young people who are not in specific programs preparing for the sacraments but wish to continue learning about our faith and our church. All children are encouraged to continue their catechetical formation as this is an important part of our life-long development as Disciples of Christ.

CCF courses are offered on Wednesdays from 6:30 PM until 7:45 PM.

3 CCF We Are the Church

This course explores the relationship between Jesus and our faith in Him and the way the People of God respond to faith as individuals, in community, and through the sacraments. While this course is primarily for third grade students, fourth grade students who have not taken this course will also benefit from it.

4-5 CCF A God's Law Guides Us

This course deals with the issues of morality and the Ten Commandments in more detail than is appropriate for the earlier grades. It is geared to intermediate level (grades 4 and 5) primary school age students.

4-5 CCF B We Meet Jesus in the Sacraments

The sacraments are the way Catholics celebrate our faith and our relationship with God and His church. This course, which explores our sacramental way of life, is appropriate for fourth and fifth grade students.

6 CCF We Are God's People

Our relationship with God has a long history of God and His love relationship with His people. This course covers God's self revelation, His creation, His Covenant with the Hebrew people, and the new and eternal covenant established by and through God's great gift of His Son in Jesus Christ.

All classes are conducted in English.