Message from Msgr. Schwanger


My Dear Family of Our Lady of Lourdes,

Happy 4th of July!

I love that we take the time to celebrate Independence Day on the actual day of the holiday. It speaks to the importance that it holds for us as a country.

The Fourth of July is one of my favorite national holidays. How wonderful that we celebrate ourselves as a nation by calling to mind the Declaration of Independence and the great hope and promise that has always been a part of our nation. Independence Day calls us to share in the dreams and expectations of our forefathers and to live as a nation that expects great things of itself and sees itself as a light guiding others to freedom and self-determination.

Our nation needs us. If the United States of America is to realize its potential for good in the lives of its citizens and in the world at large, it must depend on the goodness and industry of its people. Democracy provides a means for free men and women to live together in a manner that affirms the dignity of each person and helps all to prosper. But we must remember that democracy does not make good men and women. It is good men and women that make a democracy great.

May our Independence Day, then, be more than a day of celebration. May it also be a day of decision. Let us commit ourselves anew to living good and holy lives, to allowing the Lord to form and guide us. And let us also commit ourselves to being good citizens, to being active in civic life so that our nation and the world may benefit from the fruits of a nation realizing its promise.

Happy Independence Day!

Msgr. Schwanger