Message from Msgr. Schwanger


My Dear Family of Our Lady of Lourdes,

I am a huge fan of Advent Calendars. Knowing this, I can count on Fr. Kent to send me one each year from the Metropolitan Museum of Art so that we can journey through Advent together. Recently, Josephine sent me from Lourdes a great idea for a Biblical Advent Calendar. I offer it to you.

The Gospel of St. Luke has 24 chapters. Beginning December 1st, you open each day’s window of your Biblical Advent Calendar by reading a chapter of the Gospel of Luke. So, you would read Chapter 1 on December 1st, Chapter 2 on December 2nd and so on throughout the season of Advent. When you get to Christmas Eve you will have read Luke’s account of the life of Jesus in its entirety and wake up Christmas Morning knowing Who it is that we are celebrating and why!

I think it is a great idea. Advent is always full of “practical” things to do in preparation for our celebration of Christmas. These things, added to our regular work and school schedules, can become overwhelming and draw our hearts away from the Christ whom we are preparing to welcome. The Biblical Advent Calendar gives us a spiritual gift each day, an encounter with God’s Word, that keeps us centered in Him and prepares our hearts for a full and rich celebration of Christmas.


Msgr. Schwanger