First Communion

What about First Reconciliation (Confession)?

Normally, First Reconciliation is celebrated during the season of Lent for the students in the second year of the program. This celebration at Our Lady of Lourdes Parish is a beautiful and very important experience in the life of the child, that is why one parent is required to be present during this solemn and prayerful service.

The students are taught the essentials of how to go to Confession in class but parents are encouraged to work with their child(ren) at home to help him/ her become comfortable with Confession. Children must know by memory the basic prayers of the Church and the Act of Contrition before making their first Confession. Children are encouraged to say the Act of Contrition every night as

part of their bedtime prayers.

There is no rehearsal or special dress code for First Reconciliation. But children and accompanying adults should be neatly and modestly dressed in a manner appropriate for the Church, as it is the celebration of a Sacrament.

It is also not permitted to take photographs of the child while they are confessing. This is a private and confidential moment in his or her life and should be given the upmost respect and privacy.