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Infant Baptism

Celebrating the Baptism of Children - Overview

The Baptism liturgy is a beautiful, joyful, prayerful experience for all who are involved. It especially requires the active participation of the parents and godparents of the child who is being baptized.

Baptism is normally celebrated once each month in English and once each month in Spanish. The schedule varies, depending on other activities in the parish. Parents should not make specific plans for the Baptism until the date and time for the ceremony are finalized with the Coordinator of Baptism Preparation.

Baptism is celebrated as a community event. Depending on the number of children to be baptized, the celebration itself takes an hour, more or less. However, the child to be baptized and the parents and godparents must be at the church at least 15 minutes before the ceremony is scheduled to begin. Be prepared to stay for about an hour and a half. Out of consideration for those already present, especially the children, the Baptism Liturgy begins on time.

All Are Welcome

The baptism of a child provides a special opportunity for family and friends to celebrate the wonderful gift of the child and the beginning of the child's life as a Disciple of Christ. All are welcome to come and share this special and sacred time. The following may be helpful to those who may not be familiar our expectations of our guests.


There is no specific dress code for persons attending the baptism but modest dress and good taste are always appropriate. While local customs and personal taste may differ somewhat, business casual clothing or equivalent is usually appropriate in South Florida. Some men may be more comfortable in a suit and tie and women may want to dress up a bit to celebrate the occasion. This also is appropriate and most welcome.


Due to the sacred nature of the liturgy, smoking, eating, drinking, chewing gum, talking on the phone, texting, etc. are to be avoided while inside the church. Anyone needing to engage in any of these activities should step outside. All cell phones, beepers, and other noisy devices are to be turned off or placed in silent mode. The liturgy, while joyful, should reflect a respectful quiet.

Pictures and Video

You are welcome to take pictures or to video tape the baptism liturgy. The purpose of the photos and videos is to record the events as they occur. Photographers and video operators must not interrupt the liturgy and must work in such a way that they do not disturb the liturgy or interfere with other people's right to enjoy the ceremony. Parents and godparents should not serve as photographers or video operators. Their role is to participate in the liturgy as parents and godparents.

There is usually some time for pictures after the ceremony. Also, the campus of Our Lady of Lourdes is quite beautiful and there are many wonderful spots for taking pictures.

Contact the Coordinator of Baptism Preparation

Ms. Berta Perez serves as the Coordinator of Baptism Preparation.

Her e-mail is Berta@ololourdes.org

Her office phone is (305) 386-4894 ext. 352

The Baptism Liturgy

The Following is an Outline of the Baptism Ceremony

Reception of the Child(ren)

Celebration of God's Word and Preparation for Baptism

Celebration of the Sacrament